Uncut Sheet Eden Edition

Uncut printed sheets


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Plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest!

As an absolute deck collector and part of the #TeamSomnium you should not miss your Uncut Sheet! The production is stopped and the uncut sheets are pulled out of the machines for you.

You can hang the sheets as a collector’s item in a picture frame in your room.

Whether you want the Eden backs or fronts to be seen – do not miss the opportunity to become one of the proud owners!

The sheets are 100% environmentally friendly:

  • FSC-certified paper
  • Water based varnish
  • Plant based ink

For every Uncut Sheet ordered, we plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest.


This is a pre-sale! From 02.06.20 – 04.08.20 you have time to order your cards, after that the Somniumcards Eden Edition will no longer be available in our shop. On 13.07.20 the cards went into production and will be produced for 8-14 weeks. After completion of the production your order will be delivered directly to you!

We have decided on this pre-sale in order to be able to plant as many trees as possible. Thanks for your patience!