You have a question? Feel free to ask, for us it’s a pleasure to help you. Before you take the trouble to write a detailed mail, here is a list of the most frequent questions for you.

Such cases can unfortunately occur again and again, we would like to apologize for this in advance, unfortunately it cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, we want to give satisfaction to every single customer. If your goods are damaged or incomplete, please contact our support team by mail and you will receive a return note or the rest of your goods. Just click here:


Mistakes happen to us all, don’t worry about it. Simply contact our support team and your order will be cancelled for you. You can reorder directly to save time.


Each of our editions is limited to 15,000 decks. As soon as they are sold out, they are unfortunately no longer available and can no longer be ordered. Therefore, if you are interested in an edition, it is important that you do not wait too long to buy it, because it could be sold out at any time.

The Shadow, Nocturne, Blizzard and Firestorm editions are unfortunately sold out and are therefore no longer available for sale.

Such delays can have many reasons. The past has shown us: it’s rarely because our shipping team is late. The reasons were much more frequently:

– Did you really pay for your order? Please check your bank, Paypal or credit card account, there can always be technical errors with the transfer, server load or similar problems. Your goods will only be sent to you when the invoice amount has been paid.

– Have you entered your address data correctly? Please check all your entered data before you finish your order. Even if you are already waiting for your goods, please check the email confirmation again to make sure that everything has been entered correctly by our system; our system can also make mistakes. Therefore, we ask all our customers to leave their telephone number for queries so that we can reach you as soon as possible.

– Have you chosen prepayment as payment method? Then 2-3 days of processing time for the bank transfer are added, the delivery time increases. Therefore we recommend that you use Paypal, credit card or immediate bank transfer, this will shorten the processing time as well as the sources of error.

If you have checked everything, the invoice amount has left your account and all data has been acquired correctly by our system, but you are still waiting for your goods, although you should have received them a long time ago, please do not hesitate and directly send us an email. We want to make you as satisfied as possible! Click here:


For our clothing we place great importance to sleek and sporty models. The clothing adapts to your body shape and makes you look athletic. However, this also means that it is slightly smaller, so if you are between two sizes, please choose the larger one.

If you don’t know your clothing size, here is a recommendation from us (this is only a rough guide, please note your own body shape):

Women’s sizes:
Clothing size
32-34 XS
36 S
38 M
40 L
42 XL
> 44 XXL

Men’s sizes:
Body height (cm) | clothing size
< 173 XS
171-176 S
174-179 M
177-182 L
180-184 XL
182-186 XXL

Our support team works hard every day to handle as many messages as possible. Unfortunately it is not always possible to process all mails of the day every day, we ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience! However, you will usually receive an answer to your request within a few working days. But please wait until you get an answer. If you copy and paste your request every day, you will not increase the speed of our answer, on the contrary, you will slow it down, because everything becomes confusing.
Thanks for your understanding!

We always let you know in early on when our next edition will appear, if the time is right. You’ll learn about it on our Instagram profile in the first place.

If neither there nor on our website is anything about a new edition, you don’t need to ask us about it, we won’t give you any information, because this data is top secret. 😉